To make known the importance of carrying out the Family Altar in the Homes of widowed persons with their children, single persons and complete families, where God will pour out of his glorious fire in those homes, recapturing the principles of the early church, having as objective that the families can come together to praise, glorify the Lord by sharing their word, once a week without interfering in the activities of the churches they attend.


Restore the altar of God in families through the Family Altar so they can be the light of the world starting from home.


The Lord has allowed the Explosion in the "Family Altar" Congress to be developed in churches of different denominations inside and outside of Guatemala: United States of America, Mexico, Honduras, Cuba, El Salvador, Panama, Italy, Spain and soon in South America; but also now the municipal institutions have opened spaces for this event to mark transcendently in the localities.


We are an interdenominational ministry, made up of ministers from the 5 ministries (apostles, prophets, pastors evangelists and teachers) of different nationalities.


All the topics of the congress will go around "Provoke an explosion of the Holy Spirit in the Altar", among other preachings that will be of order and revival, among them::

Some preaching will be prophetic, everything will depend on how the schedule and programming are, but these are the main ones.

It has printed material being: a guide of the Family Altar that contains in its first edition twenty-four (24) lessons with their respective theme of weekly studies in which there is participation of all members, family, guests, in the following order:

Where in his first lesson he uses as center the following biblical quotation: 1st. of Kings chapter 18:30, 38-39. 30: Then said Elijah to all the people: Come near to me. And all the people came to him; and he fixed the altar of the Lord that was ruined. 38 Then the fire of the LORD fell, and consumed the burnt offering, the wood, the stones, and the dust, and even licked up the water that was in the trench. 39: When all the people saw it, they fell down and said, "The Lord is the God, the Lord is the God!"


The glory of God is poured out into the lives of the people who attend, of which each event is special, where people then give testimony of the impact of the event on their lives and on that of their families.


Final Mission Rescue is the last call of God in a direct way for families, starting with Christian families, so that we can arrange the Altar of God in our families and so we can enjoy as families all these blessings, our sole purpose is to glorify God and each family is restored and can descend the fire of God as it descended on the altar that Elijah arranged, that the People of Israel had him ruined, but that they heard the voice of God and that they recognized that Jehovah was God, we are an interdenominational ministry raised by God as the last call to bless your life, your family, your ministry and your nation, but God will initiate it in you, starting with your family, may God bless you.

You can download the 2 tomes of the Familiar Altar, only available at Spanish language:

Guia del Altar Familiar Tomo 1 Guia del Altar Familiar Tomo 2