Be a light for families and families through family altars, prayer towers and houses of light.


We are a church for families and for your family.


The work plan contains the specific activities of the days of the week (from Monday to Sunday), according to the established, will be included in different days:

  1. The Family Altar, in the home only family members meet.
  2. Teaching doctrine, where the content will be taught will be expanded from each of the contents of the doctrinal declaration.
  3. Prayer towers, these will open for at least an hour and an hour and a half, to pray for specific requests to put us in the gap as watchmen of the Lord and to conquer together in active unity our village, town or city and nation.
  4. Ministerial Altar, every week the pastor meets with the leaders and makes the ministerial altar.
  5. Towers of general prayer, each tower will receive a list of specific requests for each month, they can send us some requests so that they can be included in the general prayer towers and in that way be connected as towers in a truly active spiritual way.
  6. Light Houses, unlike the family altar, are made to invite neighbors and friends to listen to a Bible study with the sole purpose of evangelizing and discipline so that there is true growth and not a fattening in the church.
  7. General services.