The team is integrated by ministers (Apostles, Evangelists, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, Missionaries, etc.) as national and international speakers with an interdenominational projection.


Prepare: congregations, leaders and pastors, to win souls, unify the people of God, equip the five ministries, conduct seminars, congresses, campaigns, crusades throughout the world.


To be a light for the family and in the families through the different strategies of the Kingdom of God, which the Lord allows through revelation to be put into action, for the expansion of the kingdom of God.


Final Rescue Mission, is the last call of God in a direct way: that the Ministers are part of a Network of the Kingdom of God, the International Network 153; that congregations, leaders and pastors expand their knowledge of the Scriptures in the Interdenominational Bible Academy; the Doctrine of the Father; that the churches that annex and work a spiritual coverage become part of IAM Light House, evangelize friends in the Houses of Light and prepare for this task in the Wheat to Earth Congress; that the churches practice being the body of Christ with Active Unity Congress; that specifically the women with the call can be activated in the spirit and taken to another level and challenges. In the Women with Ministry in Explosion Congress; that families, starting with Christian families, arrange the Altar of God in our families after participating in Explosion Congress; that in the churches the spiritual level of the leaders and ministers can be accelerated, expanding and multiplying through the Leader in Explosion and Explosion Ministries Congresses; that as Christians we can give of the love of God in different ways after participating in the Congress Sowers of Love; continuing to awaken the churches so that they do not live in a grave by means of the teachings of the Resurrection in Explosion Congress and that through the live broadcast of the events and Christian music it is accomplished to carry the word of God through Fire at the Altar radio.

Affiliated Ministers Affiliations Revoked