It is a Christian radio that belongs to the Kingdom of God, through the administration of the Mission. Final Rescue "The Last Call", from the Ministry's work in 2010, is located on the third level of the building of the Ministry's administrative facilities. At the exit of the Capital City of Guatemala, towards the west, the need arose to use the Internet as a means of diffusion to reach the whole world, crossing the borders of the country and the continent itself.

Within the programming, current music themes have been selected to praise and adore the Lord.

The program also has the objective of programming the sowers of love series, a direct relationship with the heart of God for his life and family, the programs of congress events (Explosion in the Family Altar, etc.), Cults, Evangelistic campaigns, and other activities, which are shared entirely the word of God, accompanied by introductions with music of jubilee and praise, and that is believed that one should not maintain a mold of cold where you can read legalism, followed by the message and ending with worship music that allows the atmosphere that God wants to seal the message.

In the present site, you can find the reproduction of the online radio.

Our transmission is 24 hours a day, because the tuning refers to any part of the world where the schedule is deferred.

We already appreciate the harmony from where we listen, we bless the life of the listeners, hoping that the sea God that the life in the life of each one of them, that can be deposited the message of the word of God and expand to their families, communities, cities and countries, because we have to restore the Altar of God in the family, that is where it has to start. Blessings.

Team "Fire at the Altar" Radio.


You can use the Tunein Radio app, and to find like "Radio Fuego en el Altar".

Also you can find us at the Tunein Radio site: Fire at the Altar Radio